About Stackcahin

What is Stackchain?

Simply put, Stackchain is buying bitcoin consecutively with other Bitcoiners. We’re all buying bitcoin, right? We know that bitcoin is the hardest money in the world and we’re already going to be buying as much as we can, so why not gamify it a little bit, have some fun, and be social with your fellow bitcoin plebs.

"Even on days when I'm broke as hell I still stack. Feel free to join me."

Stackchain was born completely organically when AriZonanHODL decided to buy $5 of bitcoin and see if anyone else wanted to buy a little with him. Someone replied with a $6 purchase. Next, someone replied to that $6 purchase with a $7 purchase. Then, someone replied to that purchase with an $8 purchase. These consecutive purchases kept coming in, iterating one after another, growing the chain of purchases, expanding the amount of bitcoin that was being purchased. Eventually, many bitcoin plebs fell in love with the idea of stacking bitcoin consecutively with one another, growing their stack, acquiring more bitcoin, all the while growing the chain of posts on the original Twitter thread. And thus, Stackchain was born.

While Stackchain doesn’t have many rules, Stackchain does have some standards that have been proposed by the community, discussed, voted on, and implemented. These are referred to as SIPs or Stackchain Improvement Proposals. All of the Stackchain SIPs are outlined on the Stackchain GitHub repository.

Community Outreach

Stackchainers have supported multiple grassroots Bitcoin communities around the globe. It warms our hears to see our sats make the world a better place.

Community Projects

Stackchainers are building the Lightning Network one node at a time with several Ring of Fire deployments. Comes stack Lightning channels with us!