Stackchain FAQs

What are iconic or notable block heights?

These are usually complete whole numbers, three numbers that are the same, or any other number that is referenced in pop-culture. i.e.:

21, 69, 100, 111, 200, 222, 256, 300, 333, 400, 404, 420, 444, 500, 555, 600, 666, etc.

What if my fiat currency isn’t USD?

You can still participate. Since the originating Genesis Block was completed in USD, all consecutive purchases are denominated in USD. If you do not use USD, you can still participate, you just need to do the conversion from AUD, CAN, GBP, EUR, etc. into USD for your purchase.

Does Stackchain have leadership?

Stackchain is a living and breathing chain without leadership, though many Stackers choose to help out as much as possible by collectively maintaining or working on various aspects of Stackchain from verifying transactions, to writing SIPs, to holding discussion Spaces, to organizing the Mempool and Stackjoins, to writing documentation, everyone has an equal share of say and the Stackchain ecosystem as a whole governs itself. In the end, the chain decides.

What’s the goal of Stackchain?

To have fun while buying as much bitcoin as possible.

What is a Stackjoin?

A stackjoin is a buy of bitcoin that does not match the current block height and will be used to build a full and complete block at a later time. This is a way for everyone to be included and participate in Stackchain. Please see our full guide on Stackjoins.

What is the mempool?

The mempool is where we collect Stackjoins to use in future transactions to build a full block. A dedicated group of Stackchainers maintains the mempool manually. A public view of the Mempool is always available.