Stackchain Privacy Guide

Privacy is a human right. Stackchain respects your privacy. However, we are asking you to post a portion of the information regarding your bitcoin purchases online. Use this guide to protect yourself and your stack.

Level 0 Privacy

Often referred to as the "GFY" approach. Many Bitcoiners and Stackchainers are already using anonymous accounts on Twitter and actively engaging in best security practices. If you feel you're already protected enough, then this level of privacy (openness) is for you.

Level 1 Privacy

All that is needed to build blocks is

  1. FIAT amount bought

  2. DATE of purchase (must be same day)

You will commonly find blocks where the Miner redacts all or most of the SAT amount during a post.

Level 2 Privacy

Some miners want to participate in the Stackchain, but do not want their Twitter profile associated with a bitcoin purchase. Anonymous miners may submit screenshots of purchases via our Stackjoin Form.

The Google Form does not require login information, however Google servers would know about your form submission. You can use a VPN to submit your screenshot to an online repository and to submit the form.

Level 3 Privacy

Create a brand new Twitter account. Some Stackchainers are creating "Stackchain ANON" accounts specifically for posting their bitcoin buys to Stackchain. The accounts are not used for anything else.

In addition to the above, just like Level 2 Privacy, Twitter will know about your IP address and your posting of bitcoin buys. You may want to use a VPN to complete these steps and for Stackchain participation.

Get started on the Anonymous Protocol:

  • Create a Proton Account for Email and VPN

  • Create a new Twitter account: i.e. ANON256SC##

  • Use the profile picture here or provided by @s256anon001

  • Do not share your name with anyone

  • Follow Stackchain and Bitcoin accounts only

  • Write few posts/replies/words

  • Only use the Laser Liotta Laugh GIF

  • Block anyone you don't trust

  • Create new accounts on occasion and burn old ones