Community Outreach

Stacking for Good

Just as organically as Stackchain started, Stackchainers have been donating bitcoin around the world for good, changing lives of Bitcoiners and Bitcoin communities around the world. We've donated to several causes and communities. We've organized and driven several "Flash Stacks" where Stackchainers donate whatever they can to worthy and vetted causes.

Below you'll find all of our donation and fundraising campaigns:

Bitcoin Village, Nigeria

  • #Stacks4BitcoinVillage - Inspired by Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador, African Bitcoiners are building a village in Lagos, Nigeria on a 1 acre plot of land. This village will house a medical facility, education classrooms, a tech hub, and relaxation center.

Bitcoin Island, Philippines

  • #Stacks4BitcoinIsland - Stackchainers donated bitcoin to Bitcoin Island in the Philippines. This community has over 120 businesses that accept bitcoin and their building a vibrant circular bitcoin economy. We also donated various business owners in this community.

Bitcoin Ekasi, South Africa

  • #Stacks4BitcoinEkasi - We Raised $700 worth of bitcoin for this South African Bitcoin community, which will be used to purchase approximately 30 phones for children to participate in their educational and mentoring programs. This community is modeled after the original Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador.

Supporting Hodlonaut

  • #Stacks4Hodlonaut - We helped defend Bitcoin against scammers via the Bitcoin Defense Fund. Stackchainers raised funds to help Hodlonaut win his landmark case against the individual that is not Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin Lake, Guatemala

  • #Stacks4BitcoinLake - We raised $600 worth of bitcoin for Bitcoin Lake in Guatemala. This Bitcoin community will use the funds to purchase 3D printers for their school centers. Any leftover funds will go to teachers.

Bitcoin Beach, El Salvador

  • #Stacks4BitcoinBeach - We raised over 28 million Satoshis for Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador. Funds go to Hope House and education of children. Each participant is given $5 worth of bitcoin in this program.