Find the Tip

Finding "The Tip" of Stackchain isn't an easy task. In fact, this Proof-of-Work is a right of passage, an award that you've successfully posted your Stackjoin or full block to the correct place.

This step by step guide will help you on your Tip Finding journey. The best place to find the current #StackchainTip is the @StackchainSig Twitter account. If you miss the tip, that's fine. You'll have half a dozen Stackchain nodes providing support, memes, and love, all in an effort to get you to the right place.

A portion of this guide was originally written by Stackchainer "Freeborn."

1. Search Twitter for #StackchainTip and switch to the "Latest" Tab.

2. Scroll down to find the most recent "validation" by the nodes.

This will *most likely* bring you to the Tip, but we have to verify!

3. Click that validation post to jump to the chain.

NOTE: This validation post is NOT the tip.

This validation post is a comment to the POTENTIAL tip.

4. Click the previous post to scroll through ALL of it's comments.

NOTE: This post is the POTENTIAL tip

5. If there is a NEWER block, you will see it posted in the comments with the next block number.

Be careful because there could be multiple blocks posted, indicating a FORK.

6. Click on this NEWER block and repeat Step 5 until you no longer find new blocks.

This typically only requires a click or two unless the Stackchain is moving QUICK.

7. You are now very LIKELY on the Tip, but even veteran Stackchainers have to ask sometimes.

8. From the Tip you can do one or all of the following:

  • enjoy the fresh memes

  • post your Stackjoin

  • post your block