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How do I participate?

Anyone and everyone that wants to buy bitcoin can participate in Stackchain. The only requirement is that you want to expand your stack. Even if you only have a very small amount of fiat available, you can still have your purchase included in Stackchain.

Before you make your bitcoin purchase, you need to determine the current block height. Once the current block height has been found, you need to determine if you want to buy an entire block yourself or if you want to do a Stackjoin and join your stack with other’s stacks to purchase an entire block together.

To find the current block height, you can search Twitter for the latest hashtag #StackchainTip, to find the current block height or tip. If that's too hard, you can always find the latest Stackchain Tip by visiting us on Twitter.

Once the current height has been determined and you’re planning on purchasing an entire block yourself, you will need to buy that amount of bitcoin. For example, if the current block height (the last confirmed and most recent verified amount purchased) is $599 USD, then the next purchase will need to be $600 USD. After your purchase, you will need to post a screenshot of that purchase to the chain. If you post your screenshot as a reply to an incorrect post, you run the risk of creating a fork in the chain, and someone else may claim your block on the correct chain. It’s important to verify you’re on the correct chain before posting. Once your screenshot is posted, other Stackchain participants will validate your transaction or multiple transactions, if you purchased multiple blocks in a row. This sometimes happens around iconic and notable block heights, as Stackers aim to etch their purchase into the Stackchain and claim these special numbers for themselves.

If you are unable to purchase an entire Stackchain block yourself (meaning if the current height is $599, but you only are able to make a $1 to $599 purchase, you can post your screenshot on the main chain and still participate. You will need to specify that you are looking to do a Stackjoin by using the #Stackjoin hashtag. This will let other Stackers know that your purchase is available for them to use to complete an upcoming block. This also gets your transaction entered into the Mempool where it will sit until it’s utilized by the Mempool Operators in an upcoming block.

If all of this seems a bit complicated you'll want to check out our step by step guides below.

All out of fiat? You can still participate in Stackchain!

  • Nodes: Help verify blocks

    • You'll want to make sure purchases have the correct date, USD amount, and bitcoin acquired. Everything else is up to you and your own personal verification process.

  • Memers: Proof-of-Work

    • The lifeblood of Stackchain. These content creators bring laughs and a good time to Stackchain. Without them, Stackchain would be boring.

  • Shitpost: This is a real gig!

    • Any and all content is appreciated in Stackchain. Just comment and have fun.

  • Build: Stackchain is always looking for people that can build anything to make Stackchain a better, more inclusive, and more fun experience.

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